Welcome to JRock Archiv.es, a project which first took root in the Fish Tank Discord in 2018!

As per our namesake, the goal of this website is to be an archive of translations for J-rock content, be it lyrics,
articles, interviews, and more.


Free labourers (T.B.C.)






Yoshiyuki (YOSHI)

J>E translator who started out with GACKT Italia in 2014 and has since been producing translations for all forms of media in the Visual-Kei genre.
Interviews, live reports, blog posts, tweets, audio transcripts, video subbing; you name it, I’ve done it.


Andy is responsible for the archiving and romanization of Der Zibet lyrics, along with ALLNUDE, Hamlet Machine, Velvet Spider, PhI, etc. You can find him on Twitter talking about old bands all the time.








Lilac is responsible for the archiving and romanization of various lyrics, including ALLNUDE, Tatsuya Mizunaga, and The Celluloid.











Endless Dei