[20 Jan 2024] Motion Gallery: DER ZIBET Tribute Album Production Project
DER ZIBET Tribute Update Vol. 7: ISSAY—A Brother & A Kindred Soul by Chu-ya

[15 Aug 2023] Ongaku to Hito online:【Remembering ISSAY】

[12 Aug 2023] THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT: Words from Chiwaki Mayumi

[20 Aug 2022] OKMusic: Yagami Toll ~60th Birthday Live~ IT’S A NOW! 2022 Live Report

[Feb 2020] PHY Vol. 15: Special Talk Session: ISSAY for BUCK-TICK’s Parade Ⅲ Release [RU]

[Jul 2017] Après-guerre Reissue Vol.5: DER ZIBET — ISSAY + HIKARU

[Feb 2017] Après-guerre Reissue Vol.4: ISSAY ✕ Toru Nogawa Featured Dialogue

[Dec 2015] PHY Vol. 5
※ An interview with ISSAY for DER ZIBET’s 30th Anniversary & Bessekai Release

[Aug 2015] ROCK JET Vol.62: Interview with Tsuchiya Masami and ISSAY on Fantome † Noir

[Dec 2012] Après-guerre Reissue Vol.1: ISSAY — What are your favourite things?

[Jul 2012] Thank You For All Vol. 4: The Origin of “ISSAY”

[Nov 2010] PHY: Special Talk Session: ISSAY X Sakurai Atsushi for BUCK-TICK Razzle Dazzle Special

[Jan 2006] ROCK AND READ: In Search of a Place to Belong — Interview with ISSAY

[May-Jun 2004] Zy. No. 16: A Velvet Dream – An interview with ISSAY for ISSAY meets Dolly

[Sep 2002] Voice Mag Vol. 02: Hamlet Machine — An Interview with ISSAY

[Oct 1998] Shousetsu JUNE: 20th Anniversary Talk – Sakurai Atsushi X ISSAY

[Oct 1996]  Ongaku to Hito: JAPAN Tribute Album feature — ISSAY x Morioka Ken interview

[Jul 1996] J-rock Magazine: Interview with ISSAY for Ari / Kirigirisu

[1995] BUCK-TICK Club #25 – ISSAY Personal Interview [RU]

[Sep 1995] Ongaku to Hito
※ A Decadent Conversation Even Under The Sun with Sakurai Atsushi X ISSAY
※ Drinking Diary/Afterparty Columns (Extract) [RU]

[Oct 1994] Fool’s Mate: Obsessive Flowers – An interview with ISSAY for his solo album FLOWERS

[May 1994]Ongaku to Hito: “Aesthetic” & “Aesthetic” – Sakurai Atsushi X ISSAY [CN / RU]

[Feb 1994] Rockin’on Japan: ISSAY — 20,000-character interview about his early life

[Jun 1993] Fool’s Mate: ISSAY’s World – An interview about ISSAY’s things

[Jun 1993] Newsmaker #56: Explosive Conversations Paradise – ISSAY x LOVIN

[May 1993] Fool’s Mate: Future Skull – An interview with ISSAY for DER ZIBET’s Trash Land

[Feb 1992] Fool’s Mate: 2nd FOREVER MY WORSHIP – ISSAY・Jim Morrison

[Mar 1988] Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll: SNIPER IN ‘88 — DER ZIBET Interview and Introduction

[Oct 1987] Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll: An interview with ISSAY and Hikaru ahead of 3rd album, Der Zibet

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