12 August 2023 (Extract)

Hosted by: Chiwaki Mayumi
Guest: -NA


The above is a partial audio recording of the radio broadcast, THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT hosted by Chiwaki Mayumi on FM COCOLO on 12 August 2023.

In this broadcast, Chiwaki touches on the topic of ISSAY’s passing. Her words are translated and transcribed below.



Tonight, I have been tasked to properly address this topic for everyone.
Although I’m not sure whether I am capable of doing this well and am feeling rather especially anxious about it, I’ll do my best.


When I met Morishige Juichi-san (ZIGGY vo.) at Zepp OSAKA BAYSIDE today,
I suppose it was to be expected that the very first thing he said to me was, “Chiwaki…… About ISSAY……”

I would think that there are many of you out there who have already heard the news, but last Saturday, the fifth of August,
DER ZIBET’s vocalist ISSAY-san has departed this life.


ISSAY-san returned to his hometown ahead of Obon. He was a person who really places importance on events like the New Year and Obon
so [on this occasion as well], he first went grave visiting before meeting his hometown friends and enjoying some time together with them.

There are elderly family members who live in his family home and COVID-19 is still around, so since this was only a short visit,
well, about one night only, he decided to stay in a nearby hotel for the evening.

But after he bade his friends farewell and returned to his room, it would appear that he fell.
According to the doctor, a severe pressure to his chest in a bad spot was the cause of his death.


Honestly, that feeling I got when I received that sudden notice, the disbelief of, “What on earth is this really saying?”, still remains with me even now.
But, really, to have a long-time friend like ISSAY-san leave us out of the blue, I believe there are many who are feeling a lot of grief.

And when I listened to all the different conversations going on at the place where we bade our farewells,
there were lives and tours that were planned.
Yes, it would appear that they had a tour lined up for Autumn.

He also had a live last month for DER ZIBET and had all kinds of other activities scheduled too.
And next year would be DER ZIBET’s 40th formation anniversary, so plans for it had also begun as well.
All things considered, it really is a shame that this happened,
but I think that the one who’s most chagrined by this may very well be ISSAY himself.


ISSAY-san was really active outside of DER ZIBET too, with numerous band units and collaborations.
The song you hear now comes from the unit called ISSAY meets dolly, a collaboration with pianist Fukuhara Mari-san
where he sings these kinds of cabaret-style, chanson-like songs.

When I watched this [unit’s] live or through streaming, it makes me think,
“Ah, he really managed to find a world to sing songs that could very well have been from the 60s or 70s.”


And originally, ISSAY-san was also involved in mime.
From pantomime performances in his old haunts, to starring in Director Macoto Tezuka’s movies,
he truly was someone with a presence so unlike any other that he was quintessential to other artists.
I believe that going forward, there will be many songs that only he can pull off.

Although his artistic career has spanned 40 years, he has unwaveringly stuck to his own brand of aesthetic
as a stoic artist and his stance has earned him respect from numerous other musicians.
He was always calm, an exceptional gentleman, and even a caring older brother to many.
That charming disposition of his was beloved by many.


His younger brother called him, “An older brother I’m proud of,” and
has given him another legal name, or rather a posthumous Buddhist name
written with the words of one voice (一つの声 / hitotsu no koe), “一聲 (issei)”.

So going forward, he will continue to be known as ISSAY (一聲).


I would like to report that he passed on beautifully, elegantly and very much at peace.


I would also like to have a special episode sometime where I can introduce DER ZIBET and his other work to everyone,
so that is a conversation I will be having with our staff later.


Sincerely, thank you for being my friend through all these years.


Today, I would like everyone to hear a version of my favourite song from their debut single in 1985
which has been recorded for their 25th’s anniversary album,
which is an absolutely fantastic album by the way.



I’ll see you again.



DER ZIBET, Matsu Uta (待つ歌).





Translation: Yoshiyuki
Transcript: イイノブ



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  1. Truly, thank you for the bottom of my heart for translating this. This indeed brings a bit of closure to my sister and I, who still can’t believe that such a great soul departed from this mortal realm. He still had so much to give to this world, but what he has already done in his lifetime was more than anything we could ever deserve. Too me, Issay will always be immortal in the way that he has touched so many of our lives with his art. What a man….

    • I still can’t believe it myself either 🥲 Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I hope we’ll all find our version of peace with it soon

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