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ISSAY | [15 Aug 2023] Ongaku to Hito:【Remembering ISSAY】See you again at Sad Cafe, someday

【Remembering ISSAY】 See you again at Sad Cafe, someday Ongaku to Hito 15 August 2023 text by Imai Tomoko First image: A picture published in the February 2003 issue of the magazine (photographer = Kasai Chikashi)   On 5 August 2023, the vocalist of DER ZIBET, ISSAY passed away due to an unforeseen accident. Here […]


ISSAY | [Aug 2023] Words from Chiwaki Mayumi — THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT

THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT 12 August 2023 (Extract) Hosted by: Chiwaki Mayumi Guest: -NA–   The above is a partial audio recording of the radio broadcast, THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT hosted by Chiwaki Mayumi on FM COCOLO on 12 August 2023. In this broadcast, Chiwaki touches on the topic of ISSAY’s passing. Her words are […]


ISSAY meets Dolly | [May-June 2004] A Velvet Dream

A Velvet Dream Zy. No. 16 May-June 2004 Photo by Hiranuma Hisana Interview by Murayama Miyuki   ISSAY has gathered many followers in the visual scene ever since he was active as the vocalist of the band DER ZIBET in the 80s before the term “Visual Kei” was coined. Even now, he remains actual with […]




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