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KA.F.KA | [Aug 2015] On Their First Album《Fantome † Noir》

On Their First Album 《Fantome † Noir》 ROCK JET Vol.62 August 2015 Interviewer = Fujitake Toshiya   ・Interview・ KA.F.KA Tsuchiya Masami ISSAY   Leaving a legacy ―― Congratulations on KA.F.KA’s first album, Fantome † Noir being released. To start, please tell us about how the band came to be. Tsuchiya (T): Touching on that will […]


DER ZIBET | [Mar 1988] SNIPER IN ‘88 — Band interview

SNIPER IN ‘88 Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll March 1988 Photos by Sashi Motoko (佐志素子) Text by Editorial department   The first time I came into contact with their concerts was in a live house in Shinjuku. On behalf of rock magazines, I’ve been to a few live houses but watching children being absorbed in their […]


DER ZIBET | [Jul 1996] X cross talking: Der Zibet・ISSAY

X cross talking J-rock Magazine July 1996 Interviewed by Hiroshi Ishida Photographer Akihito Takagi   Once the music is released, it’s not a personal possession any more In March, the more than a decade long career of DER ZIBET was packed into a best-of album Ari which they released alongside their 12th full album Kirigirisu. […]


DER ZIBET | [Feb 1992] 2nd FOREVER MY WORSHIP – ISSAY・Jim Morrison

2nd FOREVER MY WORSHIP The search for a musician’s everlasting idol! Fool’s Mate February 1992 Text=ISSAY Photos=Saori Tsuji   Following the well-received first of this series, today, we have Der Zibet’s ISSAY penning his thoughts about Jim Morrison, the vocalist of The Doors who dominated the late 60s and early 70s with their intense stage […]

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