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DER ZIBET | [20 Jan 2024] DER ZIBET Tribute Album Production Project

Passing Stories to the Next Generation~ In Memory of Illustrious Rock Poet ISSAY DER ZIBET Tribute Album Production Project Motion Gallery Presented by DER ZIBET Tribute Project From 20 January 2024 to 29 February 2024 Funding goal: 5,000,000 yen Pledged amount: 11,248,218 yen No. of backers: 870 The Project Backer Rewards Risks and Challenges Afterword […]


ISSAY | [15 Aug 2023] Ongaku to Hito:【Remembering ISSAY】See you again at Sad Cafe, someday

【Remembering ISSAY】 See you again at Sad Cafe, someday Ongaku to Hito 15 August 2023 text by Imai Tomoko First image: A picture published in the February 2003 issue of the magazine (photographer = Kasai Chikashi)   On 5 August 2023, the vocalist of DER ZIBET, ISSAY passed away due to an unforeseen accident. Here […]


ISSAY | [Aug 2023] Words from Chiwaki Mayumi — THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT

THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT 12 August 2023 (Extract) Hosted by: Chiwaki Mayumi Guest: -NA–   The above is a partial audio recording of the radio broadcast, THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT hosted by Chiwaki Mayumi on FM COCOLO on 12 August 2023. In this broadcast, Chiwaki touches on the topic of ISSAY’s passing. Her words are […]


KA.F.KA | [Aug 2015] On Their First Album《Fantome † Noir》

On Their First Album 《Fantome † Noir》 ROCK JET Vol.62 August 2015 Interviewer = Fujitake Toshiya   ・Interview・ KA.F.KA Tsuchiya Masami ISSAY   Leaving a legacy ―― Congratulations on KA.F.KA’s first album, Fantome † Noir being released. To start, please tell us about how the band came to be. Tsuchiya (T): Touching on that will […]

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