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DER ZIBET | [Feb 2017] Après-guerre Reissue Vol.4: ISSAY ✕ Toru Nogawa — Featured Dialogue

Featured Dialogue: Brought to life through connection Après-guerre Reissue Vol.4 February 2017 Photos by Koki Matsunaga   ties can make special things 「the relationship between the perceiving and the perceived」 ISSAY (Der Zibet、KA.F.KA、ISSAY meets DOLLY) ✕ Toru Nogawa (Artist) If you’re a fan of ISSAY, it’s highly likely that you’ve seen Toru Nogawa’s art with […]


DER ZIBET | [Dec 2015] Après-guerre Reissue Vol.1: ISSAY — What are your favourite things?

Feature: What are your favourite things? Après-guerre Reissue Vol.1 December 2015   Der Zibet celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. As the vocalist of the band, ISSAY’s presence is inimitable. With this issue’s theme surrounding our interviewees’ “favourite things”, we take a deep dive into his mind and catch a glimpse of a surprising side […]


DER ZIBET | [Mar 1988] SNIPER IN ‘88 — Band interview

SNIPER IN ‘88 Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll March 1988 Photos by Sashi Motoko (佐志素子) Text by Editorial department   The first time I came into contact with their concerts was in a live house in Shinjuku. On behalf of rock magazines, I’ve been to a few live houses but watching children being absorbed in their […]


DER ZIBET | [Jul 1996] X cross talking: Der Zibet・ISSAY

X cross talking J-rock Magazine July 1996 Interviewed by Hiroshi Ishida Photographer Akihito Takagi   Once the music is released, it’s not a personal possession any more In March, the more than a decade long career of DER ZIBET was packed into a best-of album Ari which they released alongside their 12th full album Kirigirisu. […]


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