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DER ZIBET | [Oct 1987] An Interview with ISSAY and Hikaru

DER ZIBET Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll October 1987     DER ZIBET’s concerts blow you away. They understand what it means to entertain the audience. Through repeated experimentation and destruction, they crept ever closer to their true form. —— But first impressions are important. They’ve been too straightforward with expressing their superabundance of energy that […]


DER ZIBET | [Jul 2012] The Origin Of “ISSAY” — An interview with ISSAY

The origin of “ISSAY” Thank you for All -vol.004- July 2012 Interview text by Masubuchi Kimiko (増渕公子) Photography by Saori Tsuji [Blue Ash]     Profile ISSAY (Issei): Born on the 6th of July in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. A vocalist. After working on the band ISSAY and SUICIDES and his own solo projects, DER […]


BUCK-TICK | [Feb 2020] PHY Vol. 15: Datenshi, PARADE III Feature

Datenshi, PARADE Ⅲ Feature PHY Vol. 15 February 2020 text by Ishli Eriko (imai, higuchi), Kanemitsu Hlrofumi (sakurai, hoshino, yagami) photographs by CHITO hair&make-up by Tanizaki Takayuki, Yamaji Chihiro (FAT’S BERRY) styling by Shimizu Kenichi costume by kiryuyrik 03-5728-4048 DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN 03-5728-4765 原宿VILLAGE 03-3405-8528 UK EXTRA 03-3311-1992 JULIUS TOKYO STORE 03-5728-4900   I […]


BUCK-TICK | [Nov 2010] Razzle Dazzle Feature

Razzle Dazzle Feature PHY November 2010 Photography: Ikeda Tomohide Interview: Ishii Eriko, Kanemitsu Hirofumi, Takahashi Miho Hair & Makeup: Tanizaki Takayuki (FatsBerry) Styling: Shimizu Kenichi   I suppose I’ve always liked music and lyrics that are detached from reality Anyway, fun things somehow soon come to an end This album, RAZZLE DAZZLE, is something that […]


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