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SCHAFT | [Dec 1994] No one could stop them after all – Imai Hisashi + Fujii Maki Interview

No one could stop them after all Ongaku to Hito December 1994 Interview by: Ichikawa Tetsushi Photography by: Adachi Akiko     I watched the second day of SCHAFT’s live shows at Shibuya Public Hall on September 27th. The 4-member band, with PIG’s Raymond Watts on vocals and THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS’ MOTOKATSU on drums, […]


ISSAY x Morioka Ken | [Oct 1996] JAPAN Tribute Extravaganza!!

JAPAN Tribute Extravaganza!! Ongaku to Hito October 1996 Interview & Photos ー Ichikawa Tetsushi     Fujii Maki + RYUICHI (LUNA SEA), Ishida Shokichi (Scudelia Electro), kyo, Morioka Ken + ISSAY(DER ZIBET) SUGIZO (LUNA SEA), Tsuchiya Masami and KEN   I don’t think it quite matters what kind of a band JAPAN was at this […]


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