HIROSHI talks about how his fascination with BUCK-TICK changed his life
From nostalgic songs to the behind-the-scenes of his conversation with Sakurai Atsushi

Real Sound
20 September 2022

Interview/Text = Imai Tomoko, Photos = Takahashi Keisuke

BUCK-TICK is celebrating their 35th anniversary They have released 22 original albums since debuting with a major label. The beautiful worldview they construct by uniquely sublimating influences from punk, new wave, and popular songs, along with the bewitching and solid aura they exude as a rock band continue to attract many listeners while the power of their songwriting and live performances shows no sign of abating.

On 21 September, they will be releasing both CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv., a consolidation of their 35-year career in a 5-disc best-of album collection, and the concert film production Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 in Nippon Budokan. One would assume that both releases are no doubt considered as must-haves with new discoveries to be made for both long-time fans and new listeners who are just getting into BUCK-TICK.

Here on Real Sound, we have started a project where we invite celebrities to talk about BUCK-TICK’s charms. In this installment, we have HIROSHI, who gained popularity as a comedian with his “I’m HIROSHI” skits and has recently garnered attention for his solo camping video uploads to talk about his love for BUCK-TICK.

BUCK-TICK left an impact on HIROSHI when he first came across them in high school and in the 35 years since then, BUCK-TICK has continued to be part of his life. With a youthful twinkle in his eyes and sometimes emotional tears, HIROSHI talks about how he still continues to look up to them today.

We hope you’ll enjoy this BUCK-TICK-filled conversation that covers topics from how HIROSHI first came across them, to his favourite songs, and of course, behind-the-scenes stories from his conversation with Sakurai Atsushi on NHK Educational TV’s SWITCH Interview Tatsujin-tachi. (Editorial department) 


Debut 35th Anniversary Concept Best Album『CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv.』Preview Trailer



BUCK-TICK shocked me with their dyed hair standing high

ーーFirst, start by telling us about how you came across BUCK-TICK.

HIROSHI (H): I was already a child who was very fascinated by bands ever since I was in elementary school to begin with. The very first band I saw [playing live] was a cover band of high schoolers from a neighbouring town who was performing THE MODS’ Hageshii Ame ga at an outdoor event. That got me thinking, “Bands are so cool!” I became very focused on being popular in my later years of elementary school but I always thought that bands were the equivalent of popularity, so when I started middle school, I tried to start my own band. But it didn’t go very well. I had no money, and there were no cheap second-hand music stores like what we have now, so acquiring instruments itself was an uphill battle. Nevertheless, I did manage to start a band in high school.

ーーWhat part of the band did you play?H: Bass. At the time when I started the band, music like heavy metal and hard rock were popular among the band-playing people so we initially decided to cover EARTHSHAKER, but it didn’t really fit fashion-wise. Then BOØWY appeared and I intuitively thought, “They’re cool!” Probably because I loved how they wore their hair up. In BUCK-TICK’s case, they made their hair stand high and they even dyed it, so that really shocked me the first time I saw them. But while reflecting on why I seemed attracted by hair styled like that, along the way, I came to the realisation that I liked punk music. When I told those around me who only wanted to play hard rock that I wanted to play punk music though, I was immediately shot down.

ーーDo you remember the first BUCK-TICK song you ever heard?

H: At this point, I’m not sure what was the actual first song, but I still remember watching their performance of FUTURE FOR FUTURE on TV like it was yesterday (※probably their performance on the January 1987 broadcast of the NHK music program Young Studio 101). I recorded that on VHS and watched it numerous times over. It’d be weird to say that it felt like they were giving their all, but there was this very strong spirit like, “We’re the coolest!”, “Watch us make our way to the top”. Sakurai (Atsushi)-san never stopped moving anyway. I think at the time, he was at war with the pressure from the idea that he had to stand out and that there’s no backing out for him since he was the person who asked to be given the position of vocalist. It’s as if all of that was being conveyed through the screen. Another one I remember very clearly was their performance of …IN HEAVEN… on a white stage set with BUCK-TICK written on it (※probably their performance on the January 1989 broadcast of the NHK music program Just Pop Up).

ーーWhat was the first BUCK-TICK thing HIROSHI-san bought?

H: The period when I started listening to BUCK-TICK was right when we were transitioning from vinyl records to CDs. I’m the type of person who feels sad that we were moving towards the CD format, so even though they released CD versions, I listened to BUCK-TICK on vinyl records. I was really broke, so that was already quite the hurdle to purchase the vinyls I wanted, but even if I went to the local rental stores in my area, all they had stocked were pop music so vinyl records for rock music were hard to find. Being in the suburbs meant that information was hard to come by too, so I felt that the only way for me to listen to them was to buy their records which led me to ordering them at record stores for purchase. I only bought a few records, but they consisted of BUCK-TICK and BOØWY, and also Honda Minako-san’s along with an idol by the name of CoCo. I bought BUCK-TICK’s SEXUAL×××××! (1987) and ROMANESQUE (1988). They came with stickers that were pre-order gifts. My friends would ask me to give it to them, but I would never.

BUCK-TICK has too many famous songs!

ーーWhat songs do you particularly love?

H: Off the top of my head, HEARTS (from ROMANESQUE). When it comes to “songs”, you take the liberty to relate it to your own life when you listen to it, right? At the time, I was a freshman in high school and I was thinking to myself, “I absolutely must become popular when I’m in high school,” so I spent the whole of that time looking like a delinquent. Even though I really am not one at all. And when I did that, I became super popular, a pretty girl from school confessed to me in school and we even hung out for a few days, but the truth is, I’m not that kind of person so I was soon busted as a fraud and got dumped. That girl came to mind when I heard HEARTS and that got me feeling heartbroken.

ーーAh, youth. Are there other songs that evoke such memories?

H: There are lots, but I definitely started to dream of becoming an entertainer the moment I heard FUTURE FOR FUTURE. The lyrics “The TV screen captivated my mind on some day / Making me feel my thoughts running wild just as they are¹” were definitely something that gave me the push as someone who admired the world of entertainers and television.

ーーSo, the power you felt from their music and performances along with their aforementioned hairstyles and fashion sense were all rolled into one big influence on HIROSHI.

H: Yes. Sakurai-san was touching Imai (Hisashi)-san’s butt on the back of the ROMANESQUE jacket that had the five of them posing and all I thought was, “So sexy!!! So stylish!!!”

ーーBecause punk/new wave bands like BUCK-TICK were more neutral sounding as compared to hard rock and heavy metal bands, right?

H: Right, and that’s what I admired. What I thought was really amazing was how their vibe changed starting around their Aku no Hana (1990) period, right? Honestly speaking, I did think that they changed a little too much (lol) but when I went back and listened to it again as an adult, there was a kind of realisation, like, “Now I get it, this is great!” I’m gradually getting the idea that [some of their songs are] as good as pop on occasion, but even then, they still end up sounding like BUCK-TICK, don’t they? A recent song I love, Maimu Mime (ABRACADABRA) sounds like popular music from the Showa era, doesn’t it? But there is no doubt that it belongs in BUCK-TICK’s world view. I love those types of songs too. When I got my chance to speak with Sakurai-san on SWITCH Interview Tatsujin-tachi, he had mentioned that the roots of his music came from Yamamoto Linda-san too, so I guessed BUCK-TICK might have also been influenced by pop music too.


ーーOther than Showa-era pop songs, BUCK-TICK also incorporates influences from other genres like jazz and chanson. In addition to that, Sakurai-san also sings with his unique perspective, doesn’t he? That’s a big part of what makes them unique, and also what attracts HIROSHI-san to them, right?

H: Yes, that’s right. I rarely get to attend their concerts, but I’ve watched all their DVDs and videos, and [what I find is] BUCK-TICK’s stage sets would’ve been considered cringey if other bands used them, but when it’s them, it’s cool. Also, Imai-san plays his guitar in an oddly strange way, in a good sense. And because he plays left-handed, he pairs well with Hoshino (Hidehiko)-san in concert, doesn’t it? That’s another really cool aspect to me.

ーーImai-san’s music and arrangement, Sakurai-san’s lyrics and singing, and Hoshino-san’s music respectively have different shades. And the way the band members perform creates yet another unique shade, doesn’t it?

H: Honestly, they just have too many famous songs, don’t they? They’re releasing a 5-disc best-of album collection for their 35th anniversary this time around, and when I looked at the track list, I was shocked that FUTURE FOR FUTURE and SILENT NIGHT weren’t in any of the lists. Like, even with five best-of discs, we’ve got so many famous songs that are missing. BUCK-TICK has far too many famous songs!

ーー35 years, that’s how many years HIROSHI-san has spent with BUCK-TICK in your thoughts.

H: I’m now 50 years old, but BUCK-TICK has been active since I was a freshman in high school. I’ve also formed duos and trios [for comedy] before, and obviously I’ve formed a band before too, so I think it’s really amazing that they have been able to keep at it with the same band members for 35 years and that they’re still a leading band who draws a solid crowd for concerts. I can’t imagine doing anything like that because I’ve fought and broken up with my partners even with just two or three people in a duo or trio.

Intense admiration for Sakurai Atsushi; “I want to meet him, but I don’t want to!”

ーーDo you listen to BUCK-TICK as a form of inspiration or emotional support for yourself?

H: That happens a lot. Because I probably wouldn’t have thought of becoming an entertainer if I didn’t hear FUTURE FOR FUTURE. I’m someone with average grades who doesn’t have any talents like, I’m bad at sports too, and yet I wanted to become an entertainer anyway. That’s when I heard FUTURE FOR FUTURE and felt motivated. That’s where it all started. Even now, I’d listen to it from time to time and I’d be reminded of the feelings I had back then.

ーーAfter you had a breakthrough with your “I’m HIROSHI” skits and you published your first book (I’m HIROSHI. 1 [ヒロシです。1]), I believe you made “HIROSHI Phenomenon (ヒロシ現象 / HIROSHI Genshou)” stickers reminiscent of the “BUCK-TICK Phenomenon (バクチク現象 / BUCK-TICK Genshou)” ones.

H: That’s right! We have to talk about that! When I published my first book, we had a discussion about putting stickers in the appendix so I got to include “HIROSHI Phenomenon” with the stickers that came with my story. And just like you said, I copied that from “BUCK-TICK Phenomenon”.

ーーThis came up in our earlier conversation, but you managed to have a conversation with Sakurai-san on a program, right?

H: As an entertainer, I often get work revolving around promoting local businesses so I actually happened to bump into the band when we were travelling on the same bullet train just a short period before we went on the program. I was like, “Whoaa!” and I wanted to talk to them out of excitement, but I didn’t want them to think I was just some poseur, so I bit my tongue and didn’t talk in the end. Then on yet another day, I bumped into them again at another airport.

ーーYou might’ve been travelling the same route as BUCK-TICK’s tour.

H: Maybe that’s why. With these coming one after another, I started thinking, “Could it be a sign that something’s about to happen!?” And then, I received an offer from NHK about this dialogue program and they asked me, “Is there anyone you’re interested in meeting?” …… If that’s what you’re asking, then Sakurai-san is who I want to meet! But I admire him so much that I wouldn’t know what to say if I actually do meet him, so I decided to hold on giving them a reply. But then, my manager knew that I loved BUCK-TICK because I kept listening to them on the car, and he sent NHK the reply, “I believe HIROSHI wants to meet BUCK-TICK’s Sakurai-san” without my knowledge. And they surprisingly said OK, but it wasn’t until the schedule had been set that I first came to know that this had been decided. Seriously, at that point, I was all, “Aaaaargh!!” I was all nervous on the day of the event like, “I want to meet him, but I don’t want to. God help me!”

ーーYou showed us how flustered you were right at the start of the program (lol), but it was very interesting to see both of your personalities and the similarities you share. It’s so rare to see Sakurai-san laughing like that, so I think he really enjoyed talking to HIROSHI-san.

H: …… Hearing that makes me feel like crying. There were two days of filming and he shared a whole lot of interesting things in the parts that weren’t broadcast too. I’m also an entertainer so I do make a distinction between enjoyable and boring conversations, and whatever Sakurai-san says is really so interesting that I’m like, “Ahh, he’s actually such an interesting person.” The first day was at Sakurai-san’s go-to bar while the second day saw us filming while camping outdoors. I initially thought, “Wait, I shouldn’t make Sakurai-san go outside,” but he gave the OK despite that…… I honestly wondered whether it was really okay. We talked about all sorts of things there and he’s really charming as a person too so you really just can’t help but end up falling for him. After our 2 days of filming ended, I started thinking that I’d probably never get the chance to meet him again and I was overcome with this incredibly deep hollow sense of loss. It was the exact same feeling I’d get from breaking up with a girl I loved and it was the first time that this feeling dragged out for about two to three months.

ーー Is that the loss of Sakurai Atsushi?

H: Precisely. Also, Sakurai-san is a cat lover, isn’t he? Now I’m also considering owning a cat so I’m looking around.

Band musicians and entertainers aren’t the same, but BUCK-TICK is “the ideal image of adulthood”

ーーSince you’ve spent two days together, didn’t you exchange contact details or anything?

H: I can’t do that! If I suggested exchanging contact details to Sakurai-san, he would say yes, but I just can’t bring myself to say it! Even if I did manage to exchange details with him, Sakurai-san is someone who enjoys spending time alone so I think I probably won’t be able to bring myself to contact him anyway. But one day, I saw that I received a “like” from Imai-san on one of my posts on  Instagram. I was like, “Oh shit!” Since then, he’s sent me their new releases and tour tees when they could, so I can comfort myself with the idea that I’m kind of with BUCK-TICK like that. I don’t really have anything I can gift them, so even if I think they probably find it useless, I’d just send them camping cups anyway.

ーー (Lol) So what do you think of how BUCK-TICK is like these days?

H: Sakurai-san and Imai-san often get mentioned when we talk about BUCK-TICK, but everyone’s still cool even now. Hoshino-san is super cool too, and personally, I think that’s especially the case for the big brother on drums (Yagami Toll). He still styles his hair up evne now, doesn’t he! For bands who do that when they were young, the day will always come when they decide not to style their hair like that anymore, but he’s kept that hair for decades and honestly, I think it’s probably troublesome to do that. Because hairspray doesn’t come off easily even when you shampoo your hair. But the fact that he’s carried on with it all this time is just so cool. Furthermore, the whole band putting their hair up will ruin the vibe of them being a mature band, but with only one of them doing it like a representative of sorts…… Do you understand how great this is!?

ーーYes. It becomes obvious where BUCK-TICK’s origin is, right?

H: That’s right〜. And I played the bass too, so the coolest of them all is definitely U-TA-san (Higuchi Yutaka) for me. His image changed when he let his hair down and he seems even younger than before. In the past, rock bands have the image of being cool by being taciturn and stoic, but U-TA-san plays the bass with a big smile on his face. This balance he creates is great.

ーーAnd lastly, what is BUCK-TICK to HIROSHI-san?

H: I’d say, probably “the ideal image of adulthood”. I’m a middle-aged man through and through, and the members of BUCK-TICK are no longer young either. But they’re the specimen of how cool you can be as an adult. The things that band musicians and celebrities do aren’t the same at all, but I’m definitely still hopeful. Even as they age, their image remains cool and they’re still producing masterpieces one after another. I’ll always admire and look up to them.

In truth, I’ve been thinking that I want to play in a band again and in recent times, I’ve started moving towards that. Maybe I’ll let my hair grow out long and I’ll make myself look like what Sakurai-san did in the past. Having turned 50, I think I’ve experienced all the things I want to do to a certain extent, but I think the one thing I want to do is to play in a band. But I think I would need stamina when the time comes to actually do it, so I started running. And then I thought I’ll need to be a little more popular, so I started doing sit ups and all that to reduce my belly. Whether or not this comes to fruition, life is enriched by aspiration, isn’t it? That’s why I think it’s something to treasure.

HIROSHI’s official YouTube Channel “HIROSHI CHANNEL”



■ Releases info — 1

『CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv.』

『CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv.』

BUCK-TICK Debut 35th Anniversary Concept Best Album
『CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv.』

Releases Wednesday, 21 September 2022

・Special edition (5SHM-CD+BD)
¥11,000 (w/ tax)

・Regular edition (5SHM-CD)
¥6,600 (w/ tax)

・Limited quantity edition (5SHM-CD+BD+GOODS)
¥15,400 (w/ tax)



4. 唄 5. 楽園 6. 見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ
7. 相変わらずの「アレ」のカタマリがのさばる反吐の底の吹き溜まり  (21022MIX) 8. 無知の涙 9. CHECK UP
10. 極東より愛を込めて 11. BUSTER  12. 天使は誰だ
13. エリーゼのために 14. REVOLVER 15. ゲルニカの夜 16. さよならシェルター
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound  (USA)


1. BABEL 2. Mr.Darkness & Mrs.Moonlight 3. masQue 4. 月蝕 5. SABBAT  (2015MIX) 6. MISTY BLUE 7. 誘惑 8. Lullaby-III
9. ROMANCE 10. 凍える 11. 月下麗人 12. Django!!! -眩惑のジャンゴ- 13. Alice in Wonder Underground 14. DIABOLO 15. 夢魔 -The Nightmare 16. 愛の葬列
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios  (UK) 


1. DADA DISCO -G J T H B K H T D- 2. ケセラセラ エレジー 3. GUSTAVE 4. Baby, I want you. 5. Devil’N Angel 6. BOY septem peccata mortalia
7. 美 NEO Universe 8. メランコリア -ELECTRIA- 9. Villain 10. 獣たちの夜 YOW-ROW ver. 11. 独壇場Beauty -R.I.P.- 12. 羽虫のように
13. 光の帝国 14. 狂気のデッドヒート 15. PINOA ICCHIO -躍るアトム- 16. MY FUCKIN’ VALENTINE 17. BRAN-NEW LOVER 18. タナトス
Mastered by Clemens Schleiwies at SCHLEIWIES STUDIO  (Germany) 


1. JUPITER 2. ドレス 3. 密室 4. さくら 5. Long Distance Call
6. 無題 7. 形而上 流星 8. RAIN9. 禁じられた遊び -ADULT CHILDREN- 10. Moon さよならを教えて
11. 舞夢マイム 12. Cuba Libre 13. LOVE PARADE 14. 夢見る宇宙 -cosmix- 15. 忘却
Mastered by Alexis Bardinet at GLOBE AUDIO MASTERING  (France) 


1. 疾風のブレードランナー 2. RENDEZVOUS 〜ランデヴー〜 3. 鼓動  (2022MIX) 4. 世界は闇で満ちている 5. GIRL
6. 幻想の花 7. RHAPSODY 8. Memento mori 9. FUTURE SONG -未来が通る- 10. STEPPERS -PARADE-
11. セレナーデ -愛しのアンブレラ- 12. JUST ONE MORE KISS Ver. 2021 13. ONCE UPON A TIME 14. ユリイカ 15. New World
Mastered by Takahiro Uchida at FLAIR MASTERING WORKS  (Japan) 

  • DISC6 : VIDA<Blu-ray>

1. JUST ONE MORE KISS 2. 惡の華 3. スピード 4. M・A・D 5. JUPITER 6. ドレス 7. die 8. 唄
9. 鼓動 10. 見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ 11. キャンディ 12. ヒロイン 13. 囁き 14. 月世界 15. BRAN-NEW LOVER
16. ミウ 17. GLAMOROUS 18. 21st Cherry Boy 19. 極東より愛を込めて 20. 残骸 21. 幻想の花 22. ROMANCE
23. 蜉蝣 -かげろう- 24. RENDEZVOUS 〜ランデヴー〜 25. Alice in Wonder Underground 26. HEAVEN 27. GALAXY
28. 独壇場Beauty 29. くちづけ 30. エリーゼのために 31. MISS TAKE 〜僕はミス・テイク〜 32. 形而上 流星 33. New World
34. BABEL 35. Moon さよならを教えて 36. 獣たちの夜 37. RONDO 38. 堕天使 39. MOONLIGHT ESCAPE 40. 凍える 41. Go-Go B-T TRAIN


Official review of the Best-Of Album Collection: https://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/linguasounda/b-t35th/disc_review.html


■ Releases info — 2

Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 in Nippon Budokan
Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 in Nippon Budokan

Releases Wednesday, 21 September 2022

・Special edition Blu-ray (BD+2SHM-CD+PHOTOBOOK)
¥12,100 (w/ tax)

・Special edition DVD (2DVD+2SHM-CD+PHOTOBOOK)
¥12,100 (w/ tax)

※LIVE TRACKS CD (2-set) ・Includes 64-page photobook, special packaging

・Regular edition Blu-ray (BD)
¥7,700 (w/ tax)

・Regular edition DVD (2DVD)
¥7,700 (w/ tax)


<Blu-ray Track List>

SE. THE DUSK 〜start〜 01. DIABOLO 02. 夢魔 -The Nightmare 03. 楽園 04. 謝肉祭 -カーニバル- 05. Lullaby-III 06. 絶界 07. Living on the Net -Acoustic Ver.- 08. 光の帝国 09. ユリイカ 10. 忘却 11. BABEL 12. 獣たちの夜 13. 堕天使 YOW-ROW ver. 14. Villain 15. 舞夢マイム 16. MOONLIGHT ESCAPE 17. 形而上 流星 -Acoustic Ver.- 18. JUST ONE MORE KISS Ver.2021 19. 唄 Ver.2021 20. ICONOCLASM Ver.2021 21. Alice in Wonder Underground 22. 恋 23. Go-Go B-T TRAIN 24. 独壇場Beauty -R.I.P.-

<DVD Track List>


SE. THE DUSK 〜start〜 01. DIABOLO 02. 夢魔 -The Nightmare 03. 楽園 04. 謝肉祭 -カーニバル- 05. Lullaby-III 06. 絶界 07. Living on the Net -Acoustic Ver.- 08. 光の帝国 09. ユリイカ 10. 忘却


1. BABEL 02. 獣たちの夜 03. 堕天使 YOW-ROW ver. 04. Villain 05. 舞夢マイム 06. MOONLIGHT ESCAPE 07. 形而上 流星 -Acoustic Ver.- 08. JUST ONE MORE KISS Ver.2021 09. 唄 Ver.2021 10. ICONOCLASM Ver.2021 11. Alice in Wonder Underground 12. 恋 13. Go-Go B-T TRAIN 14. 独壇場Beauty -R.I.P.-


■Concert information

BUCK-TICK Debut 35th Anniversary LIVE
『BUCK-TICK 2022“THE PARADE”〜35th anniversary〜』
Kanagawa: Yokohama Arena

『BUCK-TICK 2022“THE PARADE”〜35th anniversary〜 FLY SIDE』
23 September 2022 (Fri / PH) Doors open: 17:00, show starts:18:00

『BUCK-TICK 2022“THE PARADE”〜35th anniversary〜 HIGH SIDE』
24 September 2022 (Sat) Doors open: 16:00, show starts: 17:00

Ticket price: All designated seats ¥12,000 (w/ tax)
Special website: https://buck-tick.com/feature/specialsite_2022parade



13 October (Thu) Tokyo: Tachikawa Stage Garden
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18:30

15 October (Sat) Kanagawa: Pacifico Yokohama — National Convention Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

18 October (Tue) Saitama: Kawaguchi Sogo Bunka Center — Lilia Main Hall
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18:30

21 October (Fri) Nagamo: Hokuto Culture Hall — Large Hall
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18:30

22 October (Sat) Ishikawa: Hondanomori Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

29 October (Sat) Hyogo: Kobe Kokusai Kaikankokusai Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

30 October(Sun) Okayama: Kurashiki City Auditorium
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

4 November (Fri) Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum — Hall A
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18: 30

6 November (Sun) Gunma: Takasaki City Theatre — Grand Theatre
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

12 November (Sat) Hokkaido: Sapporo Kanamoto Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

19 November (Sat) Miyagi: Sendai Sunplaza Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

20 November (Sun) Tochigi: Utsunomiya City Cultural Center — Large Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

26 November (Sat) Hiroshima: Ueno Gakuen Hall (Hiroshima Prefectural Culture & Arts Hall)
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

27 November (Sun) Fukuoka: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

3 December (Sat) Kyoto: ROHM Theatre Kyoto — Main Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

4 December (Sun) Kagawa: Rexxam Hall — Large Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall)
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

10 December (Sat) Aichi: NTK Hall — Forest
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

11 December (Sun) Shizuoka: Shizuoka Culture Hall — Large Hall
Doors open: 17:00 , show starts: 18: 00

15 December (Thu) Chiba:  Chiba Prefecture Cultural Hall — Large Hall
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18: 30

19 December (Mon) Osaka:  Osaka Festival Hall
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18: 30

20 December (Tue) Osaka:  Osaka Festival Hall
Doors open: 17:30 , show starts: 18: 30

Ticket price: ¥9,900 (w/ tax)

General ticketing sales: Starts 10AM, Saturday, 24 September 2022


BUCK-TICK Debut 35th Anniversary SITE




¹ テレビの画面に いつかの心を奪われて/高鳴る想いは そのまま 感じたままで
Terebi no gamen ni itsuka no kokoro wo ubararete / takanaru omoi wa sono mama kanjita mama de


Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: Real Sound