DER ZIBET Tribute Update Vol. 7
20 February 2024

ISSAY—A Brother & A Kindred Soul
A Gentle, Dignified, & Beautiful Bosom Friend for Eternity

by Chu-ya


Having been born and lived in the same era together, DER ZIBET is a rival and brethren (to me). I also admired them as icons glittering in darkness and decadence. ISSAY can only be described as my brother and kindred soul. Gentle, dignified, and beautiful; my bosom friend for eternity.


This update talks about the story and history behind a lavish event which was held jointly by ISSAY (DER ZIBET), and Chu-ya (LOOPUS〜FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER) and Genet (AUTO-MOD), both of whom are participating in the tribute album. This event occurred regularly in recent years. It is a pity that we will no longer be able to see these three unorthodox and charming artists in performance, but we on the project team hope that activities by these legends will continue in the future. Also included are comments from Chu-ya, a sworn brother and most frequent co-performer to ISSAY.

BUCK-TICK’s Anii (Toll)’s birthday event leads to the birth of the Dark Triad of ISSAY, Genet, and Chu-ya.


Joint performances by ISSAY, Genet, and Chu-ya date back to the late 1980s. The three of them came together again for the first time in a long while in 2012 at BUCK-TICK’s drummer Yagami’s 50th birthday concert celebration (DER ZIBET, AUTO-MOD, and LOOPUS were guest performers). Afterwards, these three bands began to hold events together regularly. The momentous first was in 2014 at FREAKS OF LEGEND Vol.6, hosted by Genet.

Perhaps as a result of their overly potent presences, these three who tremendously influenced the new wave, goth, glam, and positive punk music scenes were known by monikers like  “The Dark Triad (闇御三家)“, “The Trio of Heinous Specters (三妖怪)“, and “The Decadent Three (デカダン三人男)“. Following the first, they made the agreement that each band would take turns hosting events. In 2017, it was DER ZIBET’s LIVE MANIA act.4, in 2018, it was Chu-ya’s Jashin no Kyouen 〜Better An Old Demon Than A New God (Feast of Fiends/邪神の狂宴), and in 2019, it was Genet’s FREAKS OF LEGEND 2019. All these were annual balls which were held at Koenji HIGH.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, a talk session hosted by FOOL’S MATE Channel was held instead of a live concert.

In 2023, Chu-ya got in contact with ISSAY and Genet to plan their return after a four-year break, but with ISSAY’s passing, the two bands, LOOPUS and AUTO-MOD held the event titled, “Rebirth!! Jashin no Kyouen (-1)” on the 4th of November at Kichijoji ROCK JOINT GB. The special guest guitarist on this day was Yukino (krishnablue / ex. AUTO-MOD), who is also participating in the tribute album. Notably, Yukino was also the creator of the illustration of these three. It was sold as character merchandise during the 2019 event.





Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: DER ZIBET Tribute Update Vol.7



BUCK-TICK Genshou -2023- Concert Report

JVC Music
5 January 2024

Text = Okubo Yuka
Photos = Seitaro Tanaka


BUCK-TICK “BUCK-TICK Genshou -2023-” (BUCK-TICK Phenomenon 2023 / バクチク現象-2023-)
2023.12.29 at the Nippon Budokan



Come, let’s get started──

When 29 December’s BUCK-TICK Genshou -2023- at the Nippon Budokan was announced with those words, it felt as if they lifted our gaze which had been downcast for so long. This was three weeks after the news came on 24 October that their vocalist, Sakurai Atsushi had passed on.

This was a period when everyone quietly watched and waited to see what BUCK-TICK would do going forward after being hit by the greatest sadness in their history. Honestly speaking, that announcement was such a bright light that I subconsciously wanted to look away. Given that no details were announced about the show itself, I believe there were many who felt worried too about how it would turn out.

But it’s easy for us to imagine the extraordinary determination the band members had put into this show title. BUCK-TICK Genshou (BUCK-TICK Phenomenon / バクチク現象) is a title that they also used in 1987 for gigs they played around the time of their major debut, and for the first show they played after a six-month hiatus on 29 December 1989 at the Tokyo Dome. In other words, this term represents turning points for them.

Imai Hisashi (guitarist) appeared on the BUCK-TICK Genshou -2023- stage with the same bright red hair he had 34 years ago at their show in Tokyo Dome. The moment I saw him, my anxieties were blown away despite tears welling up in my eyes.

As the hall turned dark, powerful clapping sounded in time to the SE which played; THEME OF B-T. Higuchi Yutaka (bassist), Yagami Toll (drummer), Hoshino Hidehiko (gutarist), and Imai Hisashi came on stage in that order. After the words reading “バクチク現象 (BUCK-TICK Genshou)” came up on the crimson red screen, Sakurai’s silhouette appeared on the centre platform where he always stood.

“Come let’s get started, we’re BUCK-TICK!” With Imai’s shout, the first song started; Shippuu no Blade Runner. Instead of a mic stand in the centre of the stage, a few spotlights came together to shine down. Perhaps it’s because there’s no mic there, but it felt as if Sakurai’s singing came down upon us from the skies above.

Like a ray of light in the midst of despair, the glittering rock melody sings, “Tonight  (I) bring to you  a treasure  a promise (今夜 お前に届けよう 宝物だ 約束だ)”; a perfect description of this show. It felt as if they handed “hope” to us in the palm of their hands. A string of up-beat songs were played Dokudanjo Beauty-R.I.P.-, Go-Go B-T TRAIN, GUSTAVE, telling the audience to raise their heads and look up even if they are tearful.

Both Imai and Hoshino fired up the stage with more aggressive performances than usual. The energy in the hall went up every time Imai said a few words, like “Don’t miss the ride!” during Go-Go B-T TRAIN, and “Miaows. Hope you all have a good time today.” during GUSTAVE. During FUTURE SONG -Mirai ga Tooru- which features Sakurai and Imai’s duet, Higuchi tried imitating Sakurai’s movements, and Hoshino also sang, overlapping with Sakurai’s voice.

Most unexpected of all was when I realised during Boogie Woogie and Yagami’s powerful up-beat drumming that at some point my tears had rescinded and I was genuinely enjoying the show. I have nothing but admiration for the band and their ability to fire up the audience like this even though they all must have been in deep sadness at the beginning of the show.

The atmosphere took a turn in the mid-section of the show, reflecting vividly and sadly Sakurai’s absence by beginning with Itoshi no Rock Star where he sang alongside ISSAY (DER ZIBET) who passed away last August. During Itoshi no Rock Star, unbearable sobbing in the audience grew louder as we watched concert footage of the two of them on that day on screen.

Next was Sakura which started with an oriental-sounding instrumental by Imai. In this song, the screen and even the ceiling of the Budokan was filled with cherry blossoms dancing in the air; a sight so beautiful yet it added to the sadness. Adding on, Lullaby-Ⅲ and ROMANCE came after that like a sort of funeral march, letting us listen to the songs which strongly accentuated Sakurai’s aesthetic perspective one after another.

This show did not feature Sakurai’s footage throughout. Rather, there were a few songs where we could only feel Sakurai’s presence with his voice. Especially towards the end when they put together songs during which you could almost see him singing right in front of you.

Like the Latin-style dance track Django!!! -Genwaku no Django-, Taiyou to Icarus where he flies freely through the sky with arms spread wide, and during Memento mori where the audience actually had lights shining on them as if in sync with Sakurai’s movements in the video footage.

Smoke carpeted the stage floor in Muma -The Nightmare and the audience raised their arms into the air as if he reigned before our eyes, while during DIABOLO, the four members of the band looked like a circus troupe elevating Sakurai as the ringmaster. It was a moment when they distinctly carved out his profile as a vocalist precisely because he’s not around.

The encore started with Yagami’s drum solo and after the first song, STEPPERS -PARADE- was played, the band members who have yet to make any public statement thus far began to talk about their present feelings one by one.

Choking on his tears, Higuchi said, “BUCK-TICK is a live band so I believe we grew through our live shows. And it’s also something that’s created together with everyone. Although Acchan has gone to heaven, BUCK-TICK will always be five. I don’t know what kind of future it will be, but one thing I know for sure is that we’ll continue as BUCK-TICK with everyone.”

Yagami eased the air when he commented, “I never thought my delinquent younger brother would say such admirable things.” Then, he added, “You could say it’s unprecedented, the situation it’s turned out to be. Should we continue, or is it better to stop? We gave it a lot of thought. But given that we have all of you fans like this… we would like to keep going as BUCK-TICK.”

“We managed to take a new step forward today. My sincere thanks to all of you for making your way to the Budokan despite the uncertainty. You were worried, weren’t you? Everyone was worried. But the Parade will still continue from here on out. I’ll say again:

The Parade goes on,” said Hoshino.

After him was Imai. “Life sure is unforgiving, huh? So dramatic it’s almost hilarious. But it isn’t funny. Hell, you really died. Huh? It’s okay, because we can go on. We’ll go together,” he said to a loud round of applause. “Acchan’s died but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a fact of life. So we may be sad, we may cry, but don’t agonise over it. Rather than focus on his death, that he’s not here anymore, instead cherish the fact that he lived, that he existed with us in the same space,” he went on. “Next year, BUCK-TICK will make new music, and a new album. It’ll be the newest, bestest BUCK-TICK so please look forward to it. But please be prepared. Next, we’ll be three. But even then, the Parade continues. Then it’ll be two, then one, I think I’ll probably be the last one standing. And even then, we can keep going, so I want to take everyone along,” finished Imai with this powerful statement.

After that, they moved on to flying the words “LOVE” and “PEACE” high in Eureka before going into LOVE ME which began with Sakurai’s MC where he said, “Everyone, let’s love ourselves.” It was here when a hiccup happened for the first time where Sakurai’s singing and the video footage differed from the four members’ live playing. The band looked determined to find some way to turn this around. It was the most human expression I had ever seen on them.

Coincidentally, Sakurai in the video also seemed to have a bit of a bitter smile on his face. Even though anxious, the audience also tried their best to help by singing the chorus with all their strength. When the singing ended, the playing did too in perfect timing, and we saw Sakurai off the stage as he waved, saying, “See you soon. We’ll meet again. For sure.”

The last two songs were COSMOS and Na mo Naki Watashi; what seemed to be a deliberate choice of two songs which massively filled the hall with messages from Sakurai. And the second encore, started with Sakurai’s words of “Let’s go! Into the future!” as the band leapt into New World. The light from countless mirror balls spread throughout the venue and the powerful light of the five’s performance brightly illuminated a future yet to be seen.

After the show, past music videos were shown on the screen, followed by an announcement that they will be holding a concert at the Nippon Budokan on Sunday, 29 December 2024. I believe every single promise like this one would become the hope which leads into the future going forward. BUCK-TICK has walked into unprecedented territory. I hope to continue enjoying the Parade led by this band who has decided to continue forward as five. Because it’s always BUCK-TICK who stirs our hearts with surprise and emotion.

Although we can wipe away the tears
we will never be able to wipe away the loneliness, so
let’s go and see BUCK-TICK again
in a place where we can share our sorrows and joys
let’s go and see BUCK-TICK again


BUCK-TICK Genshou -2023-
Date/Time: Friday, 29 December 2023  Doors open 17:30, show starts 18:30
Venue: Nippon Budokan



1. Shippuu no Blade Runner
2. Dokudanjou Beauty-R.I.P.-
3. Go-Go B-T TRAIN
5. FUTURE SONG – Mirai ga tooru
6. Boogie Woogie
7. Itoshi no Rock Star
8. Sakura
9. Lullaby-III
11. Django!!! – Genwaku no Django
12. Taiyou to Icarus
13. Memento mori
14. Muma -The Nightmare


2. Eureka
5. Na mo Naki Watashi


1. New World





Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: JVC Music


Passing Stories to the Next Generation~
In Memory of Illustrious Rock Poet ISSAY
DER ZIBET Tribute Album Production Project

Motion Gallery

Presented by
DER ZIBET Tribute Project

From 20 January 2024 to 29 February 2024
Funding goal: 5,000,000 yen
Pledged amount: 11,248,218 yen
No. of backers: 870

Crowdfunding page:

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DER ZIBET Tribute Update Vol. 7: ISSAY—A Brother & A Kindred Soul by Chu-ya



The Project

This is a tribute album dedicated to ISSAY, vocalist of DER ZIBET who suddenly passed away last August. Funds are being raised for the production of a CD featuring many artists covering a collection of works which embody ISSAY’s soul, which the late Sakurai Atsushi is known to have adored.

To prevent proof that phenomenal artist ISSAY existed from fading away.

【A message from DER ZIBET Tribute Project】

We are made up of volunteers from the music industry who have been involved with DER ZIBET, and we have unequivocal reasons for forming this committee; because we feel strongly that ISSAY, the charismatic figure in the rock scene who died suddenly in an accident, and DER ZIBET, a band that continued to produce classic albums that inspired a wide range of musicians “cannot fade away just like that”, “needs a tangible memorial”, and that “there must be other musicians who share these feelings too”. Even if the life is scattered, the music will continue to resonate in the hearts of those who listen to it, and will continue to radiate an eternal luster. With mixed feelings of loss and determination, we set about planning this tribute album.

DER ZIBET:Left to right – MAHITO(Key.) HAL(B.) ISSAY(Vo.) HIKARU (G.) MAYUMI(Dr.)

【The revolutionary vocalist, ISSAY】

Respected by scores of musicians including BUCK-TICK‘s late Sakurai Atsushi,  the well-loved ISSAY made his debut as DER ZIBET’s vocalist in 1985. Despite being described by the media as “a rock band ahead of their time”, the band was a significant influence on numerous of bands, including those which were later known as Visual Kei.

Penning beautiful lyrics which echo the perspectives of Mishima Yukio and The Doors’ Jim Morrison, he was aptly nicknamed the “rock poet”, bringing affirmation to those living with loneliness and alienation.  Incorporating pantomime (which he studied under Mochizuki Akira since his teens) in his performances, it could be said that ISSAY was a “revolutionary” of the music scene.

Before he debuted with DER ZIBET, he starred in director Macoto Tezuka’s first theatrical film “The Legend of the Stardust Brothers” as an actor. Even on screen, his strong personality came through, and in recent years, he also acted in “Tezuka’s Barbara” which starred Inagaki Goro and Nikaido Fumi. The late director Obayashi Nobuhiko also recognised his talent, describing him as a “phenomenal artist”.

【Okano Hajime; the producer of the tribute album】

Producing this album is Okano Hajime, who worked on the past two DER ZIBET releases and has worked with many other artists like L’Arc~en~Ciel. Alongside him is Koni-young (one of Japan’s top sound engineers who worked with the late Imawano Kiyoshiro, BUCK-TICK, LUNA SEA and many more) who will take on the role of main sound engineer.

Numerous musicians have come forward with love and expressed their interest in participating.  Now, we are working on the living testimony of the legend ISSAY and the multifaceted and original songs of DER ZIBET, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, to ensure that they all carry on into the future.

What kind of chemical reactions will be born from this unprecedented combination of musicians? (List will be updated as and when on this website and on the official X account @DZ__TP)

The tribute album, ISSAY gave life to FLOWERS – TRIBUTE to DER ZIBET – (working title) is slated for release on the 6th of July, ISSAY’s birthday. Our goal is to create a tribute album beyond anyone’s expectations. (※To be released under the POP MANIA label presided by DER ZIBET)

We would like to bring this album to fruition together with those who are interested in this project, and everyone who has been supporting [the band] throughout all this time. Everyone’s help will be greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance.

※FOOL’S MATE channel archive series: From the premium one-man live show A day before 35th trip, organised by DER ZIBET in collaboration with FOOL’S MATE channel, timed to coincide with the 35th anniversary of their debut.


I first got to know ISSAY when he acted in the movie The Legend of the Stardust Brothers as NIji Kaworu. Later on, he let me listen to the music he made with his own band, DER ZIBET and I was blown away by their musicality and execution. Even now, I can’t forget how I tried all ways and means wanting to help them make their major debut. This all happened before the genre that is Visual Kei came about. It’s clichéd, but he was a man ahead of his time. As an old friend of his, I am indeed glad that so many musicians have voiced their support for this project to produce the tribute album.

— Chikada Haruo

Celebrated musicians across generations are participating!

【The tribute album to commemorate ISSAY will involve over 40 musicians】

To start, we have ZIGGY’s Morishige Juichi (vocalist), RED WARRIORS’ DIAMOND☆YUKAI (vocalist),  Kogure “SHAKE” Takehiko (guitarist), and PERSONZ’s Honda Takeshi (guitarist) who are all contemporaries of DER ZIBET.

Also participating are AUTO-MOD’s GENET and now FAR-EAST PHALLUS KICKER’s Chu-ya, both of which are close friends with whom he had regularly held events with in recent years, as well as Chiwaki Mayumi (vocalist) who ISSAY had been friends with since pre-debut, and Fukuhara Mari (pianist) who worked with him in the unit, ISSAY meets DOLLY.

Adding on is a strong group of musicians led by michiaki (Ra:iN/bassist) who are part of the sessions which ISSAY regularly holds at live house Club Sensation in Yokohama.

We also have his juniors, D’ERLANGER’s kyo (vocalist), SOPHIA’s Matsuoka Mitsuru (vocalist)who had been inspired by him since he was in his hometown of Osaka pre-debut, and ZEPPET STORE’s Kimura Seizi (vocalist & guitarist) who first came to Tokyo with a DER ZIBET single.

The list grows with cali≠gari‘s Sakurai Ao (guitarist) and Ishii Shuji (vocalist), Matarow (drummer) & Yonezawa Seiichirou (guitarist) who were members of Lynx which ISSAY formed with the late HEATH (bassist) of X JAPAN during DER ZIBET’s hiatus, and Kaya (vocalist) who has left a comment below. Updates on participating artists will be provided as and when going forward.

Too soon has ISSAY left for heaven. I hope that everyone will support this new interpretation of ISSAY’s world from musicians who adore him. I sincerely hope for the successful completion of this tribute and that the original work will be released in the near future.

— Chiwaki Mayumi

【Participating Musicians ※in no particular order

Shimoyama Jun (ROCK’N’ROLL GYPSIES, ex. THE ROOSTERZ/Guitarist)


Kamiryo Wataru (NeoBallad/Drummer)

Sumida Takeshi (VooDoo Hawaiians/Guitarist)

Louie (Rose Noire/Violinist)

Tsuchiya Masami (Guitarist)

MORRIE (Vocalist)

Hirose Satoshi (44MAGNUM, ex. Φ/Guitarist)

PATA (X JAPAN, Ra:IN/Guitarist)


Ken-ichi (Valentine D.C., VERTUEUX/Vocalist)

Yukino (krishnablue, ex. AUTO-MOD/Guitarist)

Umeda Kazuya (BEAST, nüe, fromDER ZIBET/Drummer)

Keith Yokohama (Demi Semi Quaver, Rock’n roll Big Band The Thrill, エロヒム, Devil Dalipop/Bassist)

Hoppy Kamiyama (“GOD MOUNTAIN” label, arranger, producer/Keyboardist)

Morishige Juichi (ZIGGY/Vocalist)

DIAMOND☆YUKAI (Diamond Shake, RED WARRIORS/Vocalist)

Kogure “SHAKE” Takehiko (Diamond Shake, RED WARRIORS/Guitarist)



Chiwaki Mayumi (Vocalist)

Honda Takeshi (PERSONZ , Effectric Guitar/Guitarist)

Okano Hajime (Bassist)

michiaki (Ra:iN/Bassist)

Mikuni Yoshitaka (GENSHI-SHINBO 〜 PINK FLOYD TRIPS 〜/Keyboardist)

Kashiwabara Katsumi (GENSHI-SHINBO 〜 PINK FLOYD TRIPS 〜/Drummer)

SATOU MINORU (MINORUMOKY, ex. φ, ex. Fliction/Drummer) 

Emi Eleonola (Epf. & Ac.)

Fukuhara Mari (ISSAY meets DOLLY/Pianist)

DIE (Ra:iN, hide with Spread Beaver/Keyboardist & Programming)

kyo (D’ERLANGER/Vocalist)

Matsuoka Mitsuru (SOPHIA/Vocalist)

Kimura Seizi (ZEPPET STORE/Vocalist & Guitarist)


Ishii Shuji (GOATBED,  cali≠gari/Vocalist)

Sakurai Ao (cali≠gari, L.TB, hector/Guitarist)

Yamahana Asaki (AGE of PUNK/Guitarist)

Hashizume Akito (the superlative degree, HUSH, ex. ALL I NEED/Vocalist)

tezya (tezya & the sightz, Euphoria, ex. FiX/Vocalist)


Kaya (Vocalist)

Arase Dai (dieS/Vocalist)

Yonezawa Seiichirou (W.A.R.P., the superlative degree, HUSH, ex. Lynx /Guitarist)

JUN (Valentine D.C./Bassist)


Nakanishi Tomoko (Ulful Keisuke Band, SION’S SQUAD/Bassist)

Minato Masafumi (ex.  DEAD END/Drummer)

Koseki Sumitada (MATILDA RODRIGUEZ/Drummer)

Matarow (ex. Lynx/Drummer)

Jill (Rose Noire, Unlucky Morpheus/Violinist)

Dantoudai no MELODY(participating as a band)
・Vocalist YUTAKA (Kneuklid Romance)
・Guitarist Ogasawara Kenichi (Kneuklid Romance)
・Bassist Ryo-Ta
・Drummer HIME

MAHITO (DER ZIBET/Programming)


Far away, Have your way, the wind sings
The stars, the clouds, and the woods watched you
When you were at your most beautiful, you wounded little thing

It was 1994. I was all about LUNA SEA and BUCK-TICK when a friend introduced Der Zibet to me, saying, “There’s this amazing band”. The cover of HOMO DEMENS left a strong impression on me, and knowing that ISSAY-san was featured in the aesthetic magazine JUNE which I secretly loved reading as an influence by my older sister, I was bursting with interest when I excitedly purchased “Nire no Ki no Ue”. Delicately beautiful lyrics and music, and that voice unlike any other. Addicted in a moment, I’ve been infatuated ever since. Later, I came to know lots of Der Zibet’s wonderful music, but ultimately, the best one of all to me has to be “Nire no Ki no Ue”. The melody, the music, the lyrics, the voice. It is a lovely piece of music filled with strong emotions. And it will definitely continue to be, forever.

— Kaya


Crowdfunding page:

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Backer Rewards

【Basic tier】(common to all tiers)

1. Everyone’s names will be credited in the DER ZIBET tribute album which is slated to be released on 6 July, and will be dispatched for delivery about 2 weeks ahead of that.

2. Production diary e-newsletter distribution 〜 In order allow all backers to follow the progress of the production closely, Itoharu or “the middle man”, who is in charge of production and was a member of the initial DER ZIBET staff, will provide detailed reports in the newsletter.



Album covers of all 19 (+1) of their original works including the 12-inch release “Girls” from their first album, “Violetter Ball” arranged in a lizard-shaped collage.

On the back is the tribute album title and all of the participating musicians along with the five members of DER ZIBET in alphabetical order.

Sizes up to 3XL are availble. Measurements are as follows:
(length, width, shoulder width, sleeve length)
S 66cm 49cm 44cm 19cm
M 70cm 52cm 47cm 20cm
L 74cm 55cm 50cm 22cm
XL 78cm 58cm 53cm 24cm
2XL 82cm 61cm 56cm 26cm
3XL 84cm 64cm 59cm 26cm

ISSAY T-shirt

Photo of ISSAY by Masaaki Otake in 1985 at debut.

Text on the back:
1962.7.6 – 2023.8.5

Sizes up to 3XL are availble. Measurements are as follows:
(length, width, shoulder width, sleeve length)
S 66cm 49cm 44cm 19cm
M 70cm 52cm 47cm 20cm
L 74cm 55cm 50cm 22cm
XL 78cm 58cm 53cm 24cm
2XL 82cm 61cm 56cm 26cm
3XL 84cm 64cm 59cm 26cm

DER ZIBET Silver Cross &ISSAY Lizard

A plate engraved with DER ZIBET sits behind the cross while the cross is engraved with ISSAY. Comes with a 50cm chain. Your name can be engraved on the back of the removable lizard (up to 6 English characters).

Made by Big Black Maria.

Cross: Length 42mm / Width 22mm
Lizard: Length 30mm / Width 16mm

DER ZIBET Cross &Lizard w/ Diamond inlay

A diamond will be in-laid in the middle of the cross. Comes with a 50cm chain, name engraving on the lizard.

Made by Big Black Maria.

DER ZIBET Cross & Lizard w/ Big Ruby (ISSAY’s birthstone) inlay

A ruby, ISSAY’s birth stone will be in-laid in the middle of the cross. Comes with a 50cm chain, name engraving on the lizard.

Made by Big Black Maria.

【Outfits worn by ISSAY have been provided as backer rewards】

On this occasion, the person in charge of making and storing all of ISSAY’s outfits over these years have provided the following pieces which he used to wear with the words, “I hope they can contribute to the album production costs.” It is his hope that they will go to only those who will take good care of them. Please do not purchase them for the purpose of reselling. If anyone finds these pieces being put up for resale, please contact @DZ TP . With your help, we believe that we will be able to prevent such acts from happening.

Each outfit will go on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We hope for your understanding on this matter.

Black Glitter  Long Coat ①

Material: Glittery fabric

Detail: Similar to a velvet coat, except that pleats are concentrated in three areas at the back. Made with a light-weight material.

“Often worn for gigs, shoots, and many occasions. Commonly paired with a feather boa. The long coat series is a favourite style and eight pieces had been made, including those for everyday wear. The material of this coat in particular is light and reflective, so it creates a cyber-like atmosphere on stage. ISSAY also particularly liked wearing a feather boa with it.”

— ISSAY’s Costume Designer

Velvet Long Coat (Black / Purple) ②③

Material: Crushed velvet

Detail: Deep breeches at the centre and sides of the back to create a fuller look when moving.

“Made around 2009 when ISSAY started keeping his hair long. Frequently worn at various gigs, in photographic collections, as a model for paintings, etc. Inspired by the coat Julia Roberts wore over her dress in the movie Mary Reilly (adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). The way her coat spreads wide in the scene where she walks through the storm is breathtaking, and I made the coat wondering if it could be recreated on stage. Stretched out, the hems are almost five meters in length which creates a significant effect when the coat is lifted or fluttered during a performance.

— ISSAY’s Costume Designer

Black Tuxedo with Wide Trousers (3-piece) ④

Material: Shiny velvet

Detail: Satin material on the collar, cuff folds and buttons. Cuffs were made to make the sleeves look finer on the whole.

“Worn frequently at gigs since June 2019. The jacket of the wide trouser suit has been modified a little bit since 2017 and about 10 of them have been made for everyday wear. Unlike fitted trousers, ISSAY liked the way these swayed when he moved on stage. The jacket is a tuxedo jacket which makes it even more special as a costume.

— ISSAY’s Costume Designer

Niji Kaworu  White Leather Jacket ⑤

The legendary white leather jacket which ISSAY wore when he played the character of Niji Kaworu in Macoto Tezka’s first theatrical film, The Legend of the Stardust Brothers which was 40 years ago shot in 1984 and released in 1985.

An item which was in the safekeeping of ISSAY’s Costume Designer (brand: NORIKO KAZUKI, has age-related wear and tear). Director Tezka even said in the video comment that he’s considering buying it. Will there be a battle to own this?!

The Count  Red 3-Piece Suit ⑥