Well, here it is.

It’s nothing fancy but this the official announcement and reveal of this website which I’ve been building since January with the help of Andy (a.k.a. ghostcitycowboy). 

This is a little bit of a pet project, kindly hosted by Nurse (nursemchurt) as I’ve been looking for somewhere to move my work to ever since the infamous Tumblr purge. After having something like that happen, who knows when the whole platform would suddenly fold on itself and take everything away. Scary. Not fun.

That was enough to justify the need for this website, but adding to this was also the way image hosting websites like ImageShack and Photobucket put everyone’s uploads behind paywalls without any warning or explicit permission from the image uploaders themselves. Plus the fact that scans directly uploaded to LiveJournal are now merely broken links… I don’t suppose it’s too much of a stretch to say that the loss of such content pains us all greatly as fans of these artists and bands.

On the topic of translations, there are some which are hosted on websites so old that they don’t necessarily load 100% of the time anymore. There are also others which may or may not have been taken down for one reason or another. But in any case, the ultimate goal of this website was to counter all these losses with a ‘backup’ of sorts. For translations, we’ll of course be seeking the permissions of the original authors before doing anything with them.

We’re obviously still a far way away from these aims since I’m still working on migrating all my content bit by bit, but it’s a long-term goal and I really want to see this to fruition. Realistically speaking, we need far more than 2 people to do this but… we’re working on it. If you’re interested in helping out or adding your content to the website, do reach out to us and we’ll see how to go about things. Rest assured that you’ll be credited for your efforts accordingly on the About Us page. 

Where we’re at, the website itself is still a work-in-progress, so if you noticed that something isn’t working quite right, please let us know and we’ll try to troubleshoot it. Suggestions and feedback are also welcome, but whether or not they can be implemented will have to depend on how feasible they are now, and in the long run. For these, there’s the Contact page available for use. Otherwise, hit us up on the Fish Tank Discord or on Twitter.

I suppose that covers the gist of things; why we’re doing this and what this is for. I don’t really have anything else to add so I’ll just end this post here and get back to work. I intend to keep this area for major updates or announcements, which I don’t expect to happen too often so… don’t watch this space? ?


Signing off


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