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Long-awaited by fans, the『ATSUSHI SAKURAI×TAEYANG』collaboration doll arrives!

Groove Official Blog
13 May 2022


Fans’ long-awaited『ATSUSHI SAKURAI×TAEYANG』collaboration doll is finally here!!
Orders begin at 11am today, Friday, 13 May!

 ¥26,950(w/ tax)

This is a message from Mr. Sakurai:

Please love and care for it.

Don’t give it up

Sakurai Atsushi

A doll of Sakurai Atsushi,
a collaboration that garnered lots of attention from fans ever since it was announced,
has finally arrived through TAEYANG!

TAEYANG is a fashion doll that allows you to pose it however you wish!!
It is approximately 350mm at full height. Not only can its eyes move left and right,it can even wink and close its eyes
The body also features a versatile range of motion so you can make it strike your favourite pose

The TOUR2020 ABRACADABRA ON SCREEN concert outfit has been faithfully reproduced in doll-size.

Various clothing items like the hat, cape, and scarf can be removed or worn depending on your preferred outfit choices.

In addition, his cane, mask, candelabra, and even the bells are included so that concert scenes can be recreated in greater detail!

Under the supervision or Mr Sakurai, the blacks of his makeup and even his lipcolour has also been beautifully reproduced.
Beautifully applied nail polish adorns the hands.

Enjoy those concert moments again in your own home!!



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-Product specifications-

【Item name】

​【Price including tax】
¥26,950- (Japan-wide shipping cost included)


【Pre-order start date and time】
Pre-ordering will start at 11:00 AM on Friday, 13 May 13 2022.
It will end at 11:59 PM on Friday, 17 June 2022.
The first 200 units will begin shipping out in late May.
201st unit and all those after will be shipped out in late July.
※Reservations for the first 200 units have closed.
Thank you for your support.
Orders after the post date of this blog will be shipped from late July※


【Payment method】
We only accept credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.
(We do not accept other electronic payments options such as PayPay and Rakuten Pay. Convenience store payment is also unavailable.)
For bank transfers, there is a specified due date, and if you do not make the transfer by the aforementioned due date, we will not be able to process your payment which, in this case, will result in your order being cancelled.
Thank you for your cooperation.


【Sales outlets】
Available only at Groove Online Shop. 

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Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: Groove Official Blog
Additional images: Product’s special website