RR106 Coverage Report:

26 March 2023

BUCK-TICK is releasing their 23rd original album, 異空 -IZORA- on April 12.

Releasing on the same day, is our next issue, ROCK AND READ 106,
and BUCK-TICK’s Sakurai Atsushi-san and Imai Hisashi-san will be gracing the cover.
Within the pages of this issue are detailed commentaries on all the songs on this new album from Sakurai-san, Imai-san, Hoshino Hidehiko-san, Higuchi Yutaka-san, and Yagami Toll-san; all five members of the band.

It’s been about two and a half years since ABRACADABRA, their previous album which was produced in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and was also deemed as a plague-warding spell.
After that came the release of their best-of concept album and performances at Yokohama arena commemorating the 35th anniversary of their major debut, along with the band’s first national tour since the COVID-19 pandemic struck; all of this marked a new chapter for BUCK-TICK, but what has it really been like for them?

Including the instrumental tracks which mark the start and the end of the album, this work holds a total of 14 tracks with 11 of them containing lyrics written by Sakurai-san, one containing lyrics by Imai-san while 11 had music composed by him, and three with music composed by Hoshino-san.
The five members of the band will each talk about the songs from their perspective and share stories behind the production of this album, so do find the chance to read this issue while listening to the album!







Translation: Yoshiyuki