Tour “No.0”, the culmination of BUCK-TICK 30th Anniversary Project, begins

Excite News
2 April 2018

photo by Seitaro Tanaka
text by Yuka Okubo



Pushing forth through the 30th anniversary of their major debut with their 21st new album release “No.0”, BUCK-TICK have started their nationwide tour “BUCK-TICK 2018 TOUR No.0” on March 31 (Friday) at Yokosuka Arts Theatre.

The world of “No.0” was densely represented in what was shown on the first day of the tour; births and ends; creation and destruction; love and death. Using stage sets and videos that visually expanded the world of their music, along with lighting that plays with darkness and light, and BUCK-TICK’s current sound, they brought this profound and universal theme to life.

In the scene of the members’ entrance, which made effective use of video and the stage set, a wave of loud cheers and applause erupted from the audience who were bursting with anticipation. For those who will be enjoying the tour at a later date, details will be withheld, but the setlist centres around the songs from “No.0” also has selected past songs added into it that connect deeply with the world of No.0.

As if in concert with our heartbeats, Yagami Toll’s reverberating rhythm pushes open their world with “Zero-Type Model 13 [Love] (Reishiki Juusan-Gata [Ai])”. In “Ophelia”, Hoshino Hidehiko’s guitar sings wistfully together with the song, while in “BABEL”, the presence of Higuchi Yutaka’s solid bass phrases was strongly felt. In the industrial number, “Nostalgia – Vita Mechanicalis -”, which was led in by the noisy guitar sounds played by Imai Hisashi, captivated the audience with a theatrical stage performance, and in “Moon  Tell Me Goodbye (Moon  Sayonara wo Oshiete)”, we were intoxicated by the beautiful band ensemble and Sakurai Atsushi’s emotional vocals.

Next, the story of “Night of Guernica (Guernica no Yoru)” that was spun with a video makes one forget to blink. Sakurai, who usually sings in a vocal style where he plays the part of the main character in a song, made “Return to the Womb (Tainai Kaiki)” a highlight, expelling a voice filled with naked emotion. The compulsion and tremendous energy conveyed from the stage overwhelmed the audience who were left absolutely still.


The main part of the show, which was put together without any MC, was serious and left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts, but when it came to “GUSTAVE”, dancing wildly in cat poses with Sakurai in the hall became another one of the tour’s highlights. It looked like the band members were also enjoying the world of No.0 that they have built together with the fans.

Looking around in the hall, men and women of all ages can be seen in the audience, and this “No.0”, which ranked number 2 in the weekly charts, can be said to be a work that once again vouches for the originality of the band who continues to refresh their masterpieces even as they celebrate their 30 years in their careers. As they continue the cycle of creation and destruction, BUCK-TICK will play a total of 29 shows, including one more show added for July 26 (Thu), at Tokyo International Forum Hall A.





Translation: Yoshiyuki