BUCK-TICK Announces 35th Anniversary Documentary Film,
Annual Budokan Concert

18 September 2023



BUCK-TICK has announced that a documentary film commemorating their 35th debut anniversary is in production.

This will be the third movie that BUCK-TICK is producing since the first, The Buck-Tick Syndrome (劇場版BUCK-TICK~バクチク現象~) which was released in 2013 and the second, BUCK-TICK~CLIMAX TOGETHER~ON SCREEN 1992-2016 which was released in 2017. Filming for this movie began in December 2021 and is still ongoing at present. We all look forward to finding out what we will get to see in it.

At the same time, BUCK-TICK has also confirmed that they will be holding their annual 29th December concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. This has been an annual affair for the band ever since BUCK-TICK held a concert in the Budokan back in 2000. 2019 was the only year that they had to change the venue of this event to Yoyogi National Stadium’s First Gymnasium, but apart from this one instance, this is a special performance that has always been held in the Budokan.

Double membership holders of their official fan club and official mobile site can begin applying for early bird tickets starting 21st September, at 12 p.m. Japan Standard Time. General ticket sales will commence 25th November.





Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: Natalie.mu