RONDO by BUCK-TICK will be Gegege no Kitaro’s ending theme song
from Sunday, 7 April’s broadcast!

Toei Animation
9 March 2019


BUCK-TICK, who had their major debut in 1987 and has been active ever since at the forefront of Japan’s rock scene without any change in members, has written a new song, RONDO, to be used as Gegege no Kitaro’s upcoming ending theme song! Huddle up to the world of Kitaro and look forward to the song that opens up a new world of BUCK-TICK’s!

Song info

Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi / Music: Imai Hisashi
Arrangement: BUCK-TICK
(Victor Entertainment)




――Comments from the members of BUCK-TICK――


Sakurai Atsushi:
When I was young, I grew up watching Kitaro.
Kitaro taught young me about the weakness and the folly of humans,
sadness and pain, and life’s little joys.
I feel very happy to have the chance to sing this time’s ending theme song,
it feels as if I have become a friend of the yōkai.
Thank you, Kitaro.

Imai Hisashi:
Since I was a child, Gegege no Kitaro has always been a manga I know well.
I’m glad that I’ll now be a part of this dark, new world.

Hoshino Hidehiko:
Even now, I can still recall watching Gegege no Kitaro when I was young and feeling of being oddly attracted to it’s eerie atmosphere.
And that theme song that gets stuck in your head with just one listen. I loved it.
I’m very happy that our song has become the ending theme song.

Higuchi Yutaka:
I’m very happy and honoured that our song has been picked to be the ending theme song of Gegege no Kitaro that I used to watch when I was a child.
Thank you for supporting Gegege no Kitaro & BUCK-TICK.

Yagami Toll:
I’ve been watching it ever since it was first broadcast on TV, so I’m very happy that our own song will beused as it’s ending theme song.
It’s a song that has turned out nicely, so please do listen to it.


――Comments about the song from the members of BUCK-TICK――

Sakurai Atsushi: 
Is this a dream?
Where did people come from and where are they headed to?
Is the face under the mask smiling? Or is it crying?
A cute cat will lead you to the world of dreams.
Thanks to my cat daughter*, this has turned into a very romantic song.

Imai Hisashi: 
Let’s sing
Let’s dance
Here we go  The night has just begun

Hoshino Hidehiko: 
With a violin and an accordion added to our usual BUCK-TICK sound, we’ve made an even deeper, more profound song.

Higuchi Yutaka: 
I think it’s a song that delivers yet another new world of BUCK-TICK’s perspective.

Yagami Toll: 
I think we’ve made a song that gives a taste of BUCK-TICK’s gothic world view.






*ねこ娘 (Neko Musume) typically means catgirl or a girl who looks or acts like a cat. But I suppose at this point we can conclude that’s not what he’s talking about 🙂





Translation: Yoshiyuki