BUCK-TICK Announces A One-Night-Only Live Stream

30 May 2021



BUCK-TICK has announced a special live session entitled Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 which will be streamed in July. This is the second time that they will be holding a while new live show for streaming. The first, ABRACADABRA LIVE ON THE NET was held on 21 September last year to commemorate the release day of their album ABRACADABRA and featured the songs on that album played in accordance with the work’s tracklist. However, this time, it is a special one-night-only show with no accompanying release. Furthermore, this will also be BUCK-TICK’s first show in 2021.

The show will consist of two parts made up of a special setlist selected for this occasion from the many songs they have released over their 36-year career. Some of the numbers have been boldly rearranged to leave a completely different impression from their original versions.

Peeking into the tent of curiosities as the night deepens, you’ll find an unfamiliar visage on the BUCK-TICK you thought you knew well. Is it dream or reality, or perhaps, are they real or fake──. This will probably turn out to be a curious experience that blurs the lines between dreams and reality on this one summer night.

A new artist photo has been released along with the live announcement. Looking at the picture, we can expect a conceptual show to unfold.

More details, including the date, will be announced later.


■『Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜』







Translation: Yoshiyuki
Source: https://okmusic.jp/news/424272