BUCK-TICK comments for Crystal of Re:union collaboration

12 April 2018


In Russian


Crystal of Re:union will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a new, second chapter with BUCK-TICK providing the theme song for it. Here are the comments from the members of BUCK-TICK regarding this collaboration.


――Comments from the members of BUCK-TICK――

(1) Having seen the PV where the song was used, how did you find it?

Sakurai Atsushi (S): I felt very honoured.
Imai Hisashi (I): I think it fits the song.
Hoshino Hidehiko (H): It was just like a PV, cool!
Higuchi Yutaka (U): We don’t really have animated PVs, so I thought that it was interesting.
Yagami Toll (T): It was wonderful.

(2) Do you normally play games?

S: Not really, but please do play Crystal of Re:union
I: I want to but…  a whole lot and throughout the day
H: Right now, I don’t have the time to relax and enjoy games.
U: Not recently.
T: I like “Ryu ga Gotoku” (the Yakuza series).

(3) I am curious about whether the dark perspective that one feels from BUCK-TICK’s music is something that is intentionally made or something that is naturally produced as it is. Please do tell us about it if you’d like to.

S: For me, Sakurai’s private world is the world that is most calming.
I: Both.
H: It’s something we have.
U: Based on the flow of the songs that we’ve written so far, I think it’s natural.
T: I think it’s both.

(4) The fact that the producer of Crystal of Re:union is a huge fan of BUCK-TICK has been revealed. What do you think of the profile icons that were made?

S: Thank you for depicting it so beautifully (youthfully). It’s wonderful.
I: Nice!
H: Thank you for drawing it handsomely,
U: Thank you for making it look cool.
T: It’s wonderful.

(5) What are your thoughts on the equipment items “Blood-soaked Guitar (weapon)” and “Heaven-Piercing Rage (headpiece)”?

S: I’m envious…
I: Interesting
H: Rage* (lol) That’s amazing!
U: I want an equipment item too.
T: It’s cool.

*Rage is written as “怒髪”. In its individual Kanji, 怒 means  “anger”, while 髪 means “hair”. In a literal sense, the equipment can also be called “Heaven-Piercing Angry Hair”, which is probably what made Hide ‘lol’.

(6) I especially respect the fact that you have continued working together for more than 30 years with the same members! Is there a secret to how you keep at it?

S: There’s no secret. But everyone loves music and we enjoy it.
I: I don’t think there is one
H: Not in particular…
U: Respect
T: There’s no secret. It is destiny.

(7) Please tell me about the highlights of the album, “No.0”, that the tie-up song is recorded in, and of the tour of the same name!

S: Intensions and extensions, also birth, and death, enjoy your story as you feel it.
I: I think that this is a cinematic and iconic album, so if you experience both the tour and the lives as well, it’ll be interesting.
H: The highlight is, from the opening to the ending  all of it.
U: It’s a wonderful album has been completed, it’s a tour where you’ll be able to see a variety of perspectives.
T: Also, the new music and visual are highlights.

(8) Please say something to the users of “Crystal of Re:union”!

S: Look out for me. Thank you, and do have fun.
I: Nice to meet you. Do come and have fun at our lives too.
H: Do have fun playing the game!
We’re in the midst of a nationwide tour. If we happen to visit somewhere near you, please do come and watch our Live too!
U: Both Crystal of Re:union and BUCK-TICK thank you for your support.
T: Do play it, and enjoy yourself.



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Translation: Yoshiyuki
Content source: http://www.4gamer.net/games/334/G033492/20180410036/
Image source: http://www.cryuni.com/cp/buck-tick/