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BUCK-TICK | [Nov 2023] Ongaku to Hito: Cut through this Endless Darkness — Interview with Imai Hisashi

Ongaku to Hito November 2023 Imai Hisashi AFTERSHOWS Cut through this Endless Darkness¹ Interview with Imai Hisashi text by Kanemitsu Hirofumi photos by Yamauchi Hiroe, Aoki Hayaka   The final performances of BUCK-TICK TOUR 2023 異空 -IZORA- happened over two days, on the 17th and the 18th of September at Gunma Music Center. There’s a […]


BUCK-TICK | [Dec 2023] Ongaku to Hito: In Memoriam — Sakurai Atsushi

In Memoriam — Sakurai Atsushi Ongaku to Hito December 2023 Text=Kanemitsu Hirofumi Photo=Nakano Hirohisa See you later, Acchan I knew this day would someday come. Because nothing lasts forever. Yet, having witnessed the effort and the miracle of how you stayed in a band with the same members for 35 years, there were times when […]


BUCK-TICK | [Oct 2023] Ongaku to Hito: Yagami Toll’s Medal of a 61-year old — Live Report

Concert report of Yagami Toll’s 61st birthday celebration Ongaku to Hito October 2023 text by Kanemitsu Hirofumi, photographs by Shibata Eri Medal of a 61-year old Yagami Toll’s annual birthday live was held at Shimokitazawa Shangri-La. Participating artists were originally announced as “Yagami Toll & His Merry Friends” (lol) but the drum session and band […]


BUCK-TICK | [Jan 2024] Dedicated to Sakurai Atsushi — The forever five, believing in the future of BUCK-TICK

Dedicated to Sakurai Atsushi— The forever five, believing in the future of BUCK-TICK Rockin’ On Japan January 2024 Text = Tae Omae   This manuscript was written on the 19th of November. Exactly a month ago, I was shocked by the news that Sakurai Atsushi had to be rushed to the hospital after performing the […]

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