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BUCK-TICK | [Dec 2022] ROCK AND READ: Hoshino Hidehiko Interview / “THE PARADE” ~35th anniversary~ Report

ROCK AND READ 104 December 2022   Hoshino Hidehiko — 35th anniv. “THE PARADE” ~35th anniversary~ Live Report     Hoshino Hidehiko BUCK-TICK profile & information Born on June 16, 1966. Blood type A. Guitarist in the band BUCK-TICK which was formed in 1985. Other members of the band are vocalist Sakurai Atsushi, guitarist Imai […]


BUCK-TICK | [Nov 2022] Ongaku to Hito: “THE PARADE” -35th Anniversary- Report

BUCK-TICK BUCK-TICK 2022 at YOKOHAMA ARENA Ongaku to Hito November 2022 A Parade Headed For The Future text by Ishii Eriko photographs by Seitaro Tanaka (tanaka seitaro photo office) “THE PARADE” -35th Anniversary- FLY SIDE / HIGH SIDE Instead of the celebratory mood on this 35th debut anniversary, the production and staging of this live […]


BUCK-TICK | [Nov 2022] PHY Vol. 22: 35th Anniversary Feature

35th Anniversary Feature PHY Vol. 22 November 2022 I do sense that some sort of change has happened. Within myself In any case, my desire to focus on music has grown stronger — Sakurai Atsushi BUCK-TICK celebrates their 35th debut anniversary on September 21. In all this time, the band has kept the same original […]


BUCK-TICK | [15 Oct 2022] Pia News: BUCK-TICK TOUR THE BEST 35th anniv. Day 1 Concert Report

“The Parade Will Always Go On” BUCK-TICK TOUR THE BEST 35th anniv. Official First Day Concert Report Pia News 15 October 2022 Text=Yuka Okubo Photos=Seitaro Tanaka   After BUCK-TICK celebrated the 35th anniversary of their major debut and released their best-of album CATALOGUE THE BEST 35th anniv. on 21 September 2022, they kicked off their […]

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