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BUCK-TICK | [May 2023] Ongaku to Hito: Sakurai Atsushi Solo Interview, Imai Hisashi ✕ Ueda Takeshi (AA=)

Ongaku to Hito May 2023 text by Ishii Eriko photographs by Sasahara Kiyosaki_L MANAGEMENT hair & make-up by Tanizaki Takayuki_Fats Berry (Sakurai/Imai) styling by Shimizu Kenichi (Sakurai/Imai)   Sakurai Atsushi Imai Hisashi AFTERSHOWS   Sakurai Atsushi I can’t run away There’s nowhere else to go¹ BUCK-TICK’s 23rd album finally arrives. 23rd. It’s a truly impressive […]


BUCK-TICK | [Apr 2023] Ongaku to Hito: Interview with Imai Hisashi, Hoshino Hidehiko

Ongaku to Hito April 2023 I fly away text by Kanemitsu Hirofumi, Ishii Eriko   With a release date slated for April 12, the title of their new album is 異空 -IZORA-. What kind of album will this be? Coming from a band who just celebrated their 35th anniversary while facing the challenges of the […]


BUCK-TICK | [26 Mar 2023] ROCK AND READ Blog: RR106 Coverage Report — BUCK-TICK

RR106 Coverage Report: BUCK-TICK ROCK AND READ Blog 26 March 2023 BUCK-TICK is releasing their 23rd original album, 異空 -IZORA- on April 12. Releasing on the same day, is our next issue, ROCK AND READ 106, and BUCK-TICK’s Sakurai Atsushi-san and Imai Hisashi-san will be gracing the cover. Within the pages of this issue are […]


BUCK-TICK | [Jan 2023] PHY Vol.23: TOUR THE BEST 35th anniv. Concert Report

BUCK-TICK TOUR THE BEST 35th anniv. 2022.11.06 Takasaki City Theatre PHY Vol.23 January 2023 The parade will go on forever. As long as everyone is here, from city to city. Always text by Kanemitsu Hirofumi photographs by Masa   To them, the 35th anniversary year of their major debut was looking like it would be one […]

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