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[1995] BUCK-TICK Club #29
※ ISSAY Personal Interview


[11 Sep 2021] GQ JAPAN: The ornaments are incendiary. ── Sakurai Atsushi Mesmerises!

[07 Sep 2021] ROCK AND READ Blog: RR97 Coverage Report — Sakurai Atsushi/BUCK-TICK

[18 Jul 2021] Pia: Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 Live Report

[30 May 2021] OKMusic: Misemono-goya ga Kurete Kara 〜SHOW AFTER DARK〜 Announcement

[02 May 2021] OKMusic: TOUR2020 ABRACADABRA ON SCREEN Stream Live Report

[15 Apr 2021] Sakurai Atsushi on NHK’s SWITCH Interview Tatsujin-tachi 

[31 Dec 2020] Ongaku to Hito: DIQ2020 Live Report

[31 Dec 2020] Pia: DIQ2020 Live Report

[18 Sep 2020] Abracadabra – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi & Imai Hisashi

[18 Sep 2020] BUCK-TICK in Rock & Read 091

[14 Aug 2020] Kogoeru, the ending theme song of Yamishibai (Iki) – Comments by Sakurai Atsushi

[Jul 2020] Ongaku to Hito: Annual interview with Hoshino Hidehiko

[May 2020] Shinjuku Loft: Comments for Forever Shinjuku Loft project

[Feb 2020] Ongaku to Hito: Wings of a Fallen Angel – Datenshi Feature

[Feb 2020] PHY Vol. 15: Datenshi Feature

[31 Dec 2019] Ongaku to Hito: DIQ2019 Live Report

[04 Oct 2019] OPENERS: Collaboration with Amplifier – Interview with Imai Hisashi

[Jul 2019] Ongaku to Hito
※Locus Solus no Kemonotachi Live Report
※Annual interview with Hoshino Hidehiko

[Jun 2019] Ongaku to Hito: Kemonotachi no Yoru/RONDO Single – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi

[Jun 2019] PHY Vol. 14: Kemonotachi no Yoru/RONDO Feature

[May 2019] Lingua Sounda Special: Kemonotachi no Yoru/RONDO Single

[31 May 2019] Lingua Sounda Special: Locus Solus no Kemonotachi Live Report

[08 Mar 2019] Toei: BUCK-TICK comments for RONDO & Gegege no Kitaro Collaboration

[20 Nov 2018] Excite News: Tour No.0 -Guernican Moon- Live Report

[25 Oct 2018] HAL Tokyo: HAL Industry-academia Collaboration Project – Comments by Sakurai Atsushi

[May 2018] GiGS No. 467: Guitar Talk – Imai Hisashi & Hoshino Hidehiko [RU]

[12 Apr 2018] 4Gamer: BUCK-TICK comments for Crystal of Re:union collaboration [RU]

[02 Apr 2018] Excite News: 2018 Tour No.0 Live Report

[02 Feb 2018] OKMusic: No.0 album release – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi & Imai Hisashi

[15 Nov 2017] BABEL single & 30th Anniversary – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi & Imai Hisashi

[Dec 2015] PHY: ISSAY talks about BUCK-TICK’s Sakurai Atsushi

[16 Jul 2015] Vogue Japan: Ano Hito ni Aitai! – Imai Hisashi Edition

[Nov 2010] PHY: Razzle Dazzle Special Feature

[Sep 2006] Ongaku to Hito: Decadence and Its Immortality – MORRIE x Sakurai Atsushi

[Jan 2004] Ongaku to Hito: Gensou no Hana Feature – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi

[Mar 2003] Pati-Pati: Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE Feature – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi & Imai Hisashi

[Jul 2001] Ongaku to Hito: Annual interview with Hoshino Hidehiko

[Apr 2001] Ongaku to Hito: Aesthetics of Invariance – Interview with Sakurai Atsushi

[Oct 1998] Shousetsu JUNE: 20th Anniversary Talk – Sakurai Atsushi x ISSAY

[Sep 1995] Ongaku to Hito
※Let’s rethink B-T SPECIAL, part 2 of 2 – A Decadent Conversation Even Under The Sun with Sakurai Atsushi X ISSAY

※Drinking Diary/Afterparty Columns (Extract) [RU]

[Jul 1995] Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll
※Outpouring from the heart — Part 2 of Sakurai Atsushi’s interview in the Six/Niɴe Feature
※Somewhere Nowhere 1994 Live Report

[Jun 1995] Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll: Six/Niɴe Feature — Double-Edged BUCK-TICK

[Apr 1995] Pati-Pati Rock ‘n’ Roll: Review of BUCK-TICK’s Uta/Kimi e Single

[Dec 1994] Ongaku to Hito: Interview with Imai Hisashi + Fujii Maki for SCHAFT

[May 1994] Ongaku to Hito: “Aesthetic” & “Aesthetic” – Sakurai Atsushi x ISSAY [CNRU]

[Jan 1993] B=Pass: Climax ≠ Relax – Climax Together ’92 Special Feature

[Aug 1991] Rockin’ on Japan: Kurutta Taiyou – Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko [RU]

[Feb 1989] B=Pass: Taboo In Taboo – Taboo album Special Feature